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3D Series XM Series Full Size Zoom Compact
MiniZoom, MZ-517, MZ517, Zoom Binoculars
5-15x17mm MZ-517

GreyHawk, CZ-021, CZ021, Zoom Binoculars
10-30x21mm CZ-021


Zoom Binoculars offer the user a variable magnification. The typical magnification of a Binocular is 7x – 10x. However, Zoom Binoculars can be made at much higher magnifications. Keep in mind, however, that as you increase magnification, you decrease available light. A tripod is often necessary to steady images at very high magnifications. Zoom Binoculars are a great alternative for those seeking higher magnification, without the limitations of a fixed, high-powered Binocular.

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