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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I look for in Kidís Binoculars?

A kid's Binocular should be durable and lightweight and aid in exploration and outdoor fun. The Hawk fits all these criteria.

My child is fascinated with bugs, any recommendations?

It is important to encourage outdoor play in children that are fascinated with bugs. Carson Optical has a variety of products to satisfy your child's fascination. The BugView will allow your child to catch bugs, examine them and release them when done.

What is best for a Kidís Magnifier?

It is important to keep a few items in mind when looking for a kid's Magnifier. The Magnifier should have a large viewing lens yet still be lightweight enough for a childís use. The BigEye is ideal for kid's because it has an oversized acrylic lens which makes it lightweight and is safer than glass.
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